2018 Class Schedule

The full class schedule for Lindy on the Rocks and Hot Night Fusion weekend is below. Place your cursor on the class title to see more information about the class being offered.

There are three tracks of lindy hop classes for 2018. Below is information on the three track levels. We ask that dancers self assess their dancing, and take the classes that best fit their learning style and experience. There will be no track level testing. You may change track levels during the weekend.

Fundamentals – This track is geared towards the dancer that is newer to lindy hop, or for those who wish to focus on the fundamentals. No experience is required for this track level of classes. Topics will include the basics of the swing out, inside and outside turn, how to connect with your partner, charleston, and more.

Both track levels below require that the dancer understands, and can perform a swing out, swing circle, inside and outside turn, and understands the basic footwork and variations of lindy hop, charleston, and east coast swing.

Technique – This track is geared towards the dancer who likes to focus on the small details in their dance. Classes will spend a great deal of time breaking down variations and moves. Expect to do a great deal of solo movement in addition to partner dancing. Less material will be covered, but will be covered in greater detail. This track level is best suited for intermediate advanced and up dancers.

Topics – This track is geared towards dancers who enjoy social dancing, and like to learn a wide variety of moves and techniques during the event. Classes will cover a variety of moves and styles of dances. This track level will be great for dancers who know the basics, and are looking to learn about a variety of topics. More material will be covered, and it will not be in as great of details as the technique track. This track level is best suited for intermediate and up dancers.

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Concerning Class Level Placements
Final placement, in all tracks, is at the discretion of the LOTR promoters and staff. At any time during the weekend you may be asked to move to a different track. Please understand that this request would be made in order to ensure that all students (including yourself) at LOTR would be in the best learning environment possible. If you choose not to comply with the LOTR promoters’ request, you will be politely asked not to take the classes. Also, please remember that we have a no refund policy at LOTR. We appreciate your cooperation!