Past Results

Hellzapoppin’ Strictly (ILHC Qualifier) 2016

1st: Rafal Pustelny and Lian Tarhay
2nd: Adam Brozowski and Heather Ballew
3rd: Austin Neverman and Kali Hensen
4th: Ivan Garcia and Laura Murray
5th: Ben White and Jing Yang

Solo Jazz 2016

1st: Rafal Pustelny
2nd: Brigette Marquardt
3rd: Cindy Lyons

Open Jack and Jill 2016

1st: Andrew Muñoz and Delilah Williams
2nd: Ben White and Michelle Stokes
3rd: Adam Brozowski and Karen Hopkins

Amateur Jack and Jill 2016

1st: Yusuki Toyama and Sarah Winch
2nd: Ben Cass and Melissa Roane
3rd: Reuban Sosa and Cindy Lyons

Hellzapoppin’ (Pro Strictly, ILHC Qualifier) 2013

1st: Soochan Lee and Hyunjung Choi
2nd: Jon Tigert and Heather Ballew
3rd: Daniel Newsome and Jenna Applegarth

Open Strictly 2013

1st: Freeman Bacon and Jamica Zion
2nd: Jeremiah Slattery and Lisa Frydenlund
3rd: Alan Davies and Rita Vinokur

All-Star Jack and Jill 2013

1st: Anthony Chen and Miranda Longaker
2nd: Baron Smith and Gaby Cook
3rd: Ceth Stifel and Rachel Green

Open Jack and Jill 2013

1st: Freeman Bacon and Margie Sweeney
2nd: Ben White and Kelsey Michelson
3rd: Joseph Zayac and Elizabeth Zharoff

Slow Strictly 2013

1st: Kevin Clark and Miranda Longaker
2nd (tie): Daniel Newsome and Heather Ballew, Jon Tigert and Jenna Applegarth

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