2018 Volunteer Information

CMDance is changing our format for volunteers for the 2018 year. If you are interested in working at the event, please read the following information. Questions can be directed to Event Director Joe Smith at [email protected]

  • You will need to purchase a pass to the event. If you are in a financial situation that makes this not possible for you, please contact Event Director Joe Smith at [email protected] for information on getting a case by case exception to this rule.
  • Workers at the event will be paid $10.20/hr of work completed. Payment will be paid at the end of the event.
  • Please be prepared to fill out a W9 at the event before you receive payment.
  • Workers are able to work as many, or as little shifts as they would like.
    • Most shifts are 1 hour blocks of time, some shifts require a 2-3 hour block of time, which will be indicated in the schedule when signing up for shifts.
  • Once the schedule has been finalized, the worker is required to cover their shift if they are no longer able to work for a time that they signed up for.
  • Workers are responsible for managing their own schedule. i.e. Don’t sign up for a shift during contest prelims if you are competing.
  • All workers must adhere to responsibilities provided to workers prior to the event.

If you are interested in working, please fill out the form, available HERE.