Lindy on the Rocks Travel Guide


Getting here from the Airport

Lindy on the Rocks cannot provide transportation for the general public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an easy and economical way to get to Denver!

Rental Cars

If you are able to rent a car, it is probably the most convenient method, although more expensive.  Click here to see a list of all the rental companies at DIA.

Public Transit from Airport to Denver Area

If you are flying into DIA, getting to your destination is as easy as taking the A train! The new A train is part of Denver’s Light Rail system, and will take you directly to Union Station in downtown Denver for only $9. Find more information about the A Train.

Try to arrange to have your host or a friend meet you at the closest stop to your destination.  Another alternative is a taxi or further public transportation.


If you don’t mind spending the money, taxis are a very convenient way to get around.  Go to TaxiFareFinder to find out how much you’re going to spend on a given route and to get phone numbers of Denver companies.  There are always taxis waiting at DIA to take people to various destinations.  Trips to downtown Denver will typically cost $55 go $65 dollars plus a taxi fee.  Click here for information on flat-rates and taxi services at DIA.

Hotel Airport Shuttles

If you’re staying at a hotel, check to see if they have an airport shuttle.  Many major hotels do and it will save you time and money.  Click here for a list of hotel shuttles.

Getting Around While You’re Here


Locals and people with rental cars will no doubt be doing informal carpools from location to location on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ride a Bike

Denver offers a bike sharing program that will allow you to use bicycles placed throughout the city. More information at Denver Bcycle.

Ride a Sc0oter

Downtown Denver has electric scooters available for rent throughout the downtown area. Scooters are available through Bird and Lime. You’ll need to download their app on your smartphone to be able to rent and ride the scooters.

Public Transit (Bus and Light Rail)

We have a great public transit system here in Denver.  Buses run all over the city and our Light Rail system can get you to major locations for a reasonable price.  Don’t forget to get transfers between buses and trains!  You can plan your trips with the RTD Trip Planner.


Taxis are always a convenient method of transport.  Share with friends to cut the cost.  Here is an airport listing of major cab companies and numbers.